Cat and Dog Litter


Cat and Dog Litter Our product has the capacity to absorb water and does not stay wet from the pet feces and urine.  Therefore, it is not necessary to change the litter often.   Our product is porous and has the capacity to reduce foul odors.   Minerals used in our product are natural and hygienic.   Granules in our product are almost equal in size and they do not stick to pet hair.   Our product manufactured from natural materials is the best choice for your pet.Cat Dog Litter – Properties and Chemical Composition

Properties of Our Product


Has high absorption capacitySiO2 % 61.0
Clumps wellTiO2 % 0.38
Absorbs odorFe2O3 % 2.95
Does not produce dustAl2 O3 % 14.8
Hygienic and easy to useCaO % 3.18
Has no chemical additivesMgO % 1,2 L.0.1 % 2.92
Perfumes can be added upon requestK2O % 2.79
Is off white containing added red and black mineral granules.Na2O % 1.02