Hydroponics is a growing medium for plants without soil.  In this procedure nutrients for plants are dispersed in water.  

Soil less agriculture yields produce sooner, increases production, reduces space requirements and better tasting and better quality produce is obtained.  Our GROWMIXS contains mineral nutrientsand our product enables the plant to absorb nutrients regularly as necessary. Our product reduces surface evaporation by its ability to hold water and therefore, less water and less fertilizer are required.

Our product GROWMIXS can be used in vegetable gardens, greenhouses, on open fields, in flower production and in landscaping.

Our product is a natural growth medium and it provides speedy growth and enables plants to absorb proper nutrition resulting in strong root formation.  GROWMIXS.  Because our product has a regular aggregate structure it prevents  root desease, root deterioration and rotting and nematode  growth.   It provides proper drainage and aerates the roots.     

Our product could be used as a growth medium by itself or it could be mixed into a farmland ar earth rehabilitator, which results in increased productivity.  Cellular structure of GROWMİXS contains many cells.  Therefored, during its use it holds the nutrients and water and enables the plant to absorb the necessary nutrients as required. 

Due to its cellular structure our product Growmixs holds the water with nutrients. enabling the roots to intake water and nutrients regularly by acting as a waterbank.