Basalt is a dark, heavy, iron-rich and silica-poor volcanic rock that makes up most of the world's oceanic crust.  Bubbles of carbon dioxide and water vapor formed and expanded in the molten rock as it approached the surface during volcanic eruption.  Its long period of storage beneath the volcano, green grains of olivine came out of solution as well. So the bubbles, or vesicles, and the grains, or phenocrysts, represent two different events in the history of this basalt.

We have two catogories of basalt as can be seen ın the pictures belowç  They are black and red.  We can supply basalt as shown in pictures and as requested by the clients.
1* 0-0,3 mm
2* 3-10 mm
3* 10-16 mm
4* 16-30 mm
5* 30 and larger